Monday, August 20, 2018


As a Psychiatric Survivor I have to say that We cannot keep on Persecuting the Vulnerable and Punishing them.  To self Isolate because of STIGMA........To live entirely on the peripherals of be Shunned as incompetent dumb animals only fit for Cleaning duties,  that can't go on.

Equality Houses might be able to turn the tables

We won't know unless we TRY

Thursday, August 16, 2018

"Equality Houses"

Imagine the concept of "Equality Houses"  whereby people with Mental Illness have safe haven, unjudged! 

and Workshops that encourage their full Potential

That is what we need for Psychiatric Survivors

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Suggesting Subject matter

to Artists

OR for Daffodil Day

A Vase of Daffodils

Subject Matter




On a White Pillow Case

Pilot Scheme

What I were to Suggest that We use my House in a Pilot Scheme whereby We House People in "Equality Houses" whereby we carry on Respecting their Talents rather than merely Focus on the faults.  That We build the Dream for Dolphin's Rest.  Discourage Judgement. Keep them Healthy in mind and Spirit. Places where Medication is a last resort rather than a First Resort. At Present the Whole System Alienates the Mentally Ill.  We have to make a Complete Turn Around in Their care.
Instead of keeping them Out of Sight and Out of Mind We Should offer them an Income that would allow them to pursue their Talents. Respect and Acceptance is the Secret.

Safe Houses rather than Half Way Houses

We need Houses that encourage work and creativity.  Not Dos Houses that encourage people to do nothing