Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Culture here in New Zealand
Has ACC at the basic "Health Care"
Does it help the Client
I'm stepping into
Dangerous territory here
But if We can get away with
Causing Cancer in Our clients
Simply because they are
If as a Human Being
I do not measure on the Radar
And can be
Directed to
Chronic Brain Impairment
We Simply cannot
go on doing this
Talk to Big brother
Come up with
For the Mentally Ill
Please don't
Kick them when they are down
That is why Suicides Happen
I'm just One
Isolated Human Being
But there are
Thousands and Thousands
Of them
Spare the ones
Living Cold on the Streets
The babies in Cars
Those in Garages
Living cheap
Because We place
Little value on their lives
The Disadvantaged
This is not a Game
We have to be
to Our Own failure
It's a Hostile Environment to Raise Our Young
As if We must somehow Crawl over each other
to get to the TOP
When We should Value One another
As equals to God's Rights on Earth
We cannot stand by and Punish
the Mentally Weak
We must Protect them
That is my Plea

Your Honour

The Tui

The Tui
Sings a lullaby
Wax lyrical
through my bedroom window
Parson bird
Memories of my Uncle
A Minister
Dearly departed
The sweet songster
Brings blessings
From on high
No sound on earth
Is more melodious
than the Tui's
Sweet lullaby


Love is in the
Scent of a flower
Or in the tender heart
Of a grown man
Love gives to those
    In need
With grace and charity
Love respects
And Love forgives
Love remembers
Those forgotten
That is the essence
Of Love

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Walk

Two wanderers
A generation apart
Magic moments shared
In farm bushland
Youthfulness returns
In the mothers stride
She demonstrates
And then alights
The supplejack
Young "Tarzan"
Taking her example
Gets caught high
Pulled back from harms way
He jumps the Stream
She does also
She's not as lithe
And nearly fails
The leap
Scrambling up to laughter
He takes the high road
She takes the low
Through the hills
Where the green grass grows
He runs
And she chases after
They run home
For a swim
In October

At Victor's when Hamish was young

Saturday, May 28, 2016

I am just a Shell
I cannot call myself a Woman
Because I have not Emotion
I have only FEAR
ETERNAL Rejection of the Mentally Ill
Is at the heart of a Cruel Society
With so many Homeless
So many living as a "Statistic"
Don't we need to Rearrange the System....PLEASE
I'm sure that the Royal Family
Please excuse my Presumption
Your Royal Highness
Isn't it Our most Sacred HOPE
That every child be accepted and loved
That even the Mentally Ill
Should not be Raped and Abused
And Victimised
For their Mental frailty
Until they know they have lost their Minds
Shouldn't We as a World
Accept the Mentally Ill as Equals
We cannot going on taking away their Minds
With Substances
When we know full well
That they are NOT Accepted in the first place
When your own Knight says that it would be "Cruelty to Dumb.."
As in ...are we Animals
Without Heart
Without Soul
Without Mind
And with Grief
It is Our Own Greedy Financial Structures
That a Compounding the Suffering of the Vulnerable
I wanted to be dependable
And Commit Suicide
As such an  Obvious failure
But isn't the failure
Really of the Society
to Judge
Judge not least We be Judged
I cannot even Remember what I have said...
And if I Blaspheme
Hardly HUMAN
The Idiot
Is that Equality?
And where is the LOVE
for the Mentally Ill
When we are steered into Subsistence
Mindlessness and Dependancy
The flaws are so Patently OBVIOUS
The Reason
That people 
Commit Suicide
Is that there is no way out of
Condemnation in the first place
I am a Nobody
I have committed
A Treason
And that is to be
Mentally Ill
Bingo you're a Leper
And you must learn to Crawl
Homeless people everywhere
In the face of Obvious Appalling Wealth
We are becoming Third World
And unless you make a place
for the Mentally Ill
It would still be Kinder
to push them off a Cliff
How can anyone live
With an Eternity of judgement
Because you are brain Damaged
Is that the FREEDOM
Soldiers fight for........
They want ALL their Children to be LOVED

The Sinner
I haven't said ANYTHING for TWO years due to Chronic Brain Impairment from Olanzepine.  A "Death" of the Mind that causes you to do all sorts of weird and not so wonderful things.  Induces psychosis in people who are sensitive to medications and their Solution is to give you MORE.  Once you can't stop eating and can't remember to finish your chewing gum, let alone read a book or learn you become heavily dependant on the Mercy of others.  If Mercy were what we offer the Mentally Ill that would not be so bad.  But we punish and isolate them for not being NORMAL, we shun them, we don't hold and protect them.  We shut them out of the workforce and out of our homes and on to the Streets.  We don't acknowledge that they are always going to be behind the eight ball and we go on judging and condemning them whilst oft taking advantage of their disability.  Mental Patients need a 9/5 job with dignity, not just cleaning toilets, etc.  We humiliate and degrade them by underestimating them and not giving credit to their Strengths.  We attack the Mentally Ill with such cynicism that we are like Hyena's at the neck of their prey.  It's all back to front and so wrong making other Human Beings lives a business when we could offer them safe haven in the Work Force and Dignity of Employment......with HOLIDAYS....and not just one Euro a Day jobs so that they don't need to rely on poisonous medications to comfort the pain of leading empty and meaningless lives.