Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Culture here in New Zealand
Has ACC at the basic "Health Care"
Does it help the Client
I'm stepping into
Dangerous territory here
But if We can get away with
Causing Cancer in Our clients
Simply because they are
If as a Human Being
I do not measure on the Radar
And can be
Directed to
Chronic Brain Impairment
We Simply cannot
go on doing this
Talk to Big brother
Come up with
For the Mentally Ill
Please don't
Kick them when they are down
That is why Suicides Happen
I'm just One
Isolated Human Being
But there are
Thousands and Thousands
Of them
Spare the ones
Living Cold on the Streets
The babies in Cars
Those in Garages
Living cheap
Because We place
Little value on their lives
The Disadvantaged
This is not a Game
We have to be
to Our Own failure
It's a Hostile Environment to Raise Our Young
As if We must somehow Crawl over each other
to get to the TOP
When We should Value One another
As equals to God's Rights on Earth
We cannot stand by and Punish
the Mentally Weak
We must Protect them
That is my Plea

Your Honour

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