Saturday, May 28, 2016

I haven't said ANYTHING for TWO years due to Chronic Brain Impairment from Olanzepine.  A "Death" of the Mind that causes you to do all sorts of weird and not so wonderful things.  Induces psychosis in people who are sensitive to medications and their Solution is to give you MORE.  Once you can't stop eating and can't remember to finish your chewing gum, let alone read a book or learn you become heavily dependant on the Mercy of others.  If Mercy were what we offer the Mentally Ill that would not be so bad.  But we punish and isolate them for not being NORMAL, we shun them, we don't hold and protect them.  We shut them out of the workforce and out of our homes and on to the Streets.  We don't acknowledge that they are always going to be behind the eight ball and we go on judging and condemning them whilst oft taking advantage of their disability.  Mental Patients need a 9/5 job with dignity, not just cleaning toilets, etc.  We humiliate and degrade them by underestimating them and not giving credit to their Strengths.  We attack the Mentally Ill with such cynicism that we are like Hyena's at the neck of their prey.  It's all back to front and so wrong making other Human Beings lives a business when we could offer them safe haven in the Work Force and Dignity of Employment......with HOLIDAYS....and not just one Euro a Day jobs so that they don't need to rely on poisonous medications to comfort the pain of leading empty and meaningless lives.

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