Thursday, June 2, 2016

How does one Prove

That Antipsychotics are causing Psychosis
For that is the very last thing 
That they would wish to Acknowledge
though I'm non-violent
I Hope
I believe my Psychosis
was due to Olanzepine
And Aromasin
Marijuana only made things worse
but it was not the marijuana
That was the main Culprit 
It was the Psychiatric Medicine
What is the Oath of the Psychiatrist anyway?
Can someone please tell me
Dr da Born
for Tardive Dyskensia
Is a Distinct
Symptom of Brain Damage
And yet this is what we call the answer
To treating the Mentally Ill
We ignore the damage
Beat them into submission
Then then toss them into Early Graves
Even if they don't have the Courage
To Commit Suicide
Life and Psychiatric Medicine
Almost always sends them to an early Grave
When will we properly
Respect the Rights of
The Mentally Ill
Not to be Walked over and abused
Slag off the Victim
Would be my main accusation
Particularly when the Psychiatrist
told me that my behaviour
Was so inappropriate
that it was not a Wonder
That my father tried to Murder me
That is really being on my Side
I was strangled for turning lights on and that is what he told me
Is there Anyone, anyone, on my Side?
My Trust has been overridden

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Winter

The Winter has set in
With blizzard FORCE
It must be COLD
Out there
I have my Comfort
And my Hot Water Bottle
But not my mind
Nor my Health
Please don't Pity Us
But most of all don't Judge Us
Elevate Us
From the Graveyard
And Wasteland of Mental Illness