Monday, July 14, 2008

At this moment I am overwhelmed!

By the special significance of Rosa'a picture. I helped her save and then let her draw. It is amazing!

And for my birthday I got.....
A Pottery Pig
To match my glass one
A pair of luxury red bed socks
A book of A. Lois White
so that I will not be without her to refer to
and a cute little card that had images of Venice
A romantic candle set
and a sweet hand chosen card
A beautiful Scarf
And a pair of earrings..
Which I was dreaming of
And a delicious Cake
And a lovely Cyclamen
And two purple and white sequined flowers
And a beautiful... candle
That said
Even the smallest star
Shines in the Heavens
And Rosa choose for me
A little plastic jewelled plaque
that said that "Godmothers are a blessing"
And some unmentionables........
And 2 winter Vests
from my lovely partner
And Two lovely tops
And more cards!
I am NOT the luckiest person on Earth
But at the moment I'm the Happiest!

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