Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th is Bad Luck for some!

But today is Saturday
The 14th
And a feather
Crossed My Path
In My Bedroom
Sunshine in Winter!
Today I entered into
A Silent Auction
For One of Master Paterson's
I took Yoghurt
And Wether's Original
To My Mum
Who was playing Bingo
I rubbed
On My Mother
Dropped in on Dot & Peter
And in on Daryll
To give him Cigarettes
What an FUNNYUnfortunate Flo FLOCK!
And I got
Another Job
Working for LOVE
I already have a Doll
And I Will earn the Pram
And I shall Nurse
The Doll
Until the
Eases in Me
Self Psychology!

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