Sunday, November 30, 2008

Come Christmas

I've discovered
That by Far
The most mentally retarding Drug
Is the Olanzepine
Which makes me Happy
Because I've cracked it
All on my own
And once again
I shall have to Liaise
But I am over joyed that I am feeling Better
But that makes
Me put forward
A Request
Can you Boys and Girls Please
All go home for Christmas
i.e. In other words
Can all you Bastards
Please go home for Christmas
And Stop Fighting
And start fighting
Again in the New Year
If the Urge takes you then if you are so Desperate!
So that Children
Aren't born to Violence
For one Short Month
So that the Menatlly Ill
Can Live Without Fear
For One Month
A Year
It would be a Start
For those Terrified
But the Lunacy of Our Respective Societies
It would Positively
Reflect in my Mental State
I Predict
That I would need
Less Medication
Christmas Wish!


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