Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sunday is Family time for God and Goddess..........

And Hopefully

For as many of their Children

As Possible
I have painted
A Yellow Ribbon
As a Suggestion for Bi Polar Day
And an orange one perhaps for Schizophrenia Day
And maybe a Red Ribbon
For Red Cross
For the Protection
Of Our Children
And a Green one for Ireland and for Peace Everywhere - Prayer
The Heart is Pure Gold Leaf
The White one is for Domestic Violence
The Pink one is for Breast Cancer
And All Cancers
The 69 is the Symbol of Cancer
I have gingerly applied a pressed pansy
To represent and Symbolise
The Significance
And Depth
of the Mystery
and Beauty of Flowers
And perhaps a Blue Ribbon
For the Love of Animals
I should like to give
Barack Obama
The Five Leafed Clover
I have hand made for the
The Painting has a Rainbow
And a Suggestion
Of Our Native New Zealand Bush
And Tinsel for Jesus
And a White
Australian Bird
Salvaged from
One of my T-Shirts
Can anyone tell me the name of this bird please?

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