Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I was happy until I wrote a note to my brother

On a Christmas Card
I was trying to say
That if I was Wealthy
I would look out for my Siblings
Like my friend Donna
Does for her Sister
But it did not make me happy
But it makes me very Sad
Because we have a family
Who's values are based on the Capitalist Model
That shuns and disdains the weak, the disabled
and those that may have been considered meek in a gentler era.
I am sorry that Labour
Sold National down the river to pick up a huge debt once again
But I'm sure that with fresh thinking
You will find a way
I still think the Tax cuts prejudice the poorer person
but Labour was no different in that regard
And I admire your Compassion and Concession
Towards Low income earners
In regard to Kiwi Saver
It is a good start!

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