Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Xmas Jandal

Christmas Jandal xx..

My Mum told me

To put my jandals on

And hurry

So I told her I

Would put on my Jandals

And run all the way

And I'm sure my mother

Was probably


Considering some of my Past Antics

I took my Christmas Angels

For a Road Trip

To see Mum


The Little one stayed home

And then I went

To a Church Dinner

And I could imagine the Angels of God

Among the Choir of Singers

And Debbie

Played the Violin

And Blessed me

With her Performance

With a Clever Pianist

Who taught herself

The food was Delicious

The Company


And Kind

And I even had Opportunity

To do some Christmas Shopping

And buy some Blessing Beads

I gave my Angel

And received a Parcel

For my Tree

Thank you to the Lovely Ladies

Who organised it

And to the men

Making light work

Of the Chores
The 1/4 Moon
And Two Stars
Were visible
Through my Window

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