Monday, January 12, 2009

I should like help to Design a Project that we could take to the Conservation Department

I envisage a large landscape that starts at the Water. There will be Pohutukawa as the lace frill - of the Gown of the Earth Goddess. Then other Trees that someone might like to suggest...........
And within the "Dress" Will be a Grove of Punga Trees in the shape of the Lingerie. .. . perhaps as if her bodice was covered in Silver Ferns. And then there would be a smaller patch of maiden hair fern as a suggestion of her Maidenhood with patches of coloured flowers formed to Represent Ribbons for it so loves this God Protected Land.

Then I suggest that we let Israel AND PALESTINE Design a Parallel Landscape for God in the Sabotaged HOLY LANDS but only when they behave themselves AND STOP the BLOODY FIGHTING!

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